Ready for a Reset?

Have you ever had a computer for a long time, and after awhile it started to get so overloaded with programs, and files, and maybe viruses to the point that it slowed down or stopped working? If you called tech support, they'd give you a couple of solutions: restart the computer, delete a bunch of programs, scan for viruses, and if it was really messed up, they'd recommend a system rest. The system reset would return the computer to its factory settings. A start from square one. In a way we are like this computer. We get overloaded with information, belief and behavior patterns that don't work, and virus like mental constructs that cause us to live in less than optimal ways. Life becomes stressful, uncomfortable, and overwhelming. Our innate well-being, clarity, and freedom seem very far away. The Reset Process is an easy method that you can use to regain those innate qualities. Uncover and rediscover your inherent source of presence, vision and power. It takes minutes to…

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